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Route 121 - Our Relocation Portal
What is Route 121?
Route 121 is our Relocation Portal offering a complete array of relocation related services, focusing on providing visitors with free personalized help. Route 121 is just one of the ways we generate client traffic for our member service providers.

Route 121 is a network of real estate and rental property experts with in-depth knowledge of the local market. Route 121 provides free one-on-one professional service to home buyers and apartment seekers. Our interactive web tools, free research and information, and extensive database of properties, developments, and apartment communities ensure visitors find their ideal home or apartment at the lowest price possible.

How Can Route 121 Work for You?
Our proven customer service system ensures consistently high-quality service and a fast response time. We provide all the systems to manage the customer follow-up process and help turn leads into successful sales and rentals. Our Route 121 staff is available and ready to handle your questions and meet your needs by phone or email. Below is an outline of the customer process:
Service Request
Searches online to buy a home, sell a home, rent an apartment, find an agent, or find a neighborhood.
Submits a request for free help with the details of their specific needs.
A New Customer
Real Estate/Locator Agent
You connect with the customer.
You grow your business faster and cheaper.
Route 121 provides the incentive to the customer (where applicable).

Lead Matching
Route 121 System
Matches customer's request to your criteria.
Leads are sent to you via e-mail with all contact information and specific requirements.
Leads are also available through our web-based account management program for easy follow up, management and tracking.
Customer Connection
Route 121 Consultant
Sends customer auto-responses personalized and customized to the service provider.
Introduces you to customer immediately, highlighting your personal online profile.
A Route 121 consultant is available to the customer and service provider to answer any questions and monitor the process.
To see more about our relocation portal visit Route 121.
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