Bringing Clients to Your Door  
  Buyer and Seller Referrals
Turn Renters into Buyers
Renters make up 33% of the total households in America,
20%, or about 7 million, will either purchase or build a home at the end of their lease.
Cultivating Renters
Keep More Clients through Expanded Services
Clients require a full scope of services including short and long-term rental options. Simply maintaining cores services will cause most real estate companies to quickly become uncompetitive in a rapidly changing real estate marketplace. Clients demand comprehensive services, increased convenience, and timely communications. We deliver rental services through a variety of methods…by phone and internet to ensure customers get what they want when they want it.

Turn Renters Into Buyers
Your prospects may want or need to rent now…but if you hold on to them they’ll stay your client when they are ready to buy. 33% of US households are renters, and 7 million renters will purchase or build a home at the end of their lease term. When you refer clients who want to rent to Route 121, our online relocation portal, that client remains your client and can be tracked online with our Client Management tools. You can view their service status, see their lease expiration date, and most importantly assign marketing campaigns to make sure they stay your client. When those clients are ready to buy their new home,,,you make the sale. Refer renters to Route 121 and you’ll not only earn a referral fee if they rent through us. You’ll gain a customer for life.

Enhance Your Services
The Employee Relocation Council reports that 50% of transferees are now renters, up 15% in 5 years…with further increases projected. Rental solutions are a key service tool for real estate service providers. Expand your services, increase your revenue opportunities, and strengthen the client-provider relationship by providing a suite of comprehensive services.

Team Up With Route 121
Join Route 121’s Affiliate Program and provide cutting-edge relocation services through your web site and generate new sources of future home buyers and sellers for you! Simply promote any of our popular services on your website using links, banners, or text we provide.

Program Benefits
Our goal is to offer affiliate partners sophisticated, flexible, and customized programs with great new benefits and earning opportunities. Key benefits include:
  Enhance Your Website
Service additions for rentals and locators add value for your users.
  Build Loyalty
Exceed your customer’s needs with improved services and extensive information.
  Access Online Reporting
Track your transactions and earnings 24/7 in our real-time reporting and statistics area.
  Full Customization
Options allow you to set up direct links to any page on our site AND give you control to exclude and service from appearing to your visitors.
  Co-Branded Options
Web sites can have the look and feel for your web site thereby maintaining a consistent experience for the visitor.
BEST OF ALL! There is no cost to join our Program.
To learn more about our Program click here.
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