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Rental Solutions
Renters make up 33% of the total households in America,
20%, or about 7 million, will either purchase or build a home at the end of their lease.
Apartment & Rental Solutions
Easy "Plug & Play" rental solutions for a Real Estate Brokerage.

  1. Increase your Revenues.
  2. Generate and Control Leads.
  3. Attract and Retain Top Performers.
Did you Know?
  Over 50% of corporate transferees are renters. (Employee Relocation Council)
  Nationally, 33% of occupied housing units are rentals. (US Census Bureau: American Housing Survey for the United States)
  20% of renters will either purchase or build a home at the end of their lease term. (National Multi Housing Council)
Renters make up a significant portion of the real estate market and are a huge source of future and current home owners. If approached correctly, the rental market will dramatically increase home sales, listings, and overall gross commission income.

Program Overview
We provide Participating Brokers with a comprehensive turn-key program enabling you to provide rental services to your clients...and receive compensation for that service from area apartment communities and property owners. The service can be provided under your own brand extension or under Route 121. The rental services will extend your customer base and lifespan by targeting the 34 million households who rent.

What WE provide:
  Easy "Plug & play" rental solutions which can be implemented based on individual Market needs
  Complete software systems and setup
  Management and operational systems and tools
  Training systems and modules including initial basic computer training
  Billing and collection systems and software
  Support services for clients and agents
  Reporting and service performance monitoring tools
  Marketing strategies and support
  Lead generation systems including a customized Relocation Portal
What YOU provide:
  Agents which will specialize in assisting rental clients
  Computers and desk space for agents to assist rental clients
We provide services on a transaction basis for business generated from closed rentals. The fee structure is as follows:
  Market Size Cost per Lead    
  Small Market $4.50    
  Large Market $5.00    
In addition to the fees listed above, during the first six months a monthly retainer for services provided will be required.

Optional Services
We also offer these additional contracted services based on market need:
  Contracted listings of apartment communities
  Billing and collection services to process generated referral fees and rental-related transactions
  Database of properties updated monthly with detailed info, videos, maps and floorplans
  Lead screening and transfer services
  Office design services
Fees for the above Optional Services will be provided at a contract rate.

Market Needs and Preferences
While setting up the rental network for each market, MYM Solutions will interview the participating Brokers to determine Brokers needs and initial preferences in the following areas:
  Services to be Offered
  Service Performance Matrix and Monitoring
  Staffing Requirements
  Lead Generation Options and Handling
  Billing, Collection and Payment Policies
  Support Services
  Software and Hardware
  Reporting Options
  Initial Training Schedules
Benefits to participating Real Estate Companies include:
  Lead Generation
Broader exposure to the rental and relocation market will enable conversions of rental clients to home buyers, and provide access to more Internet leads and broker to broker referrals, increasing overall revenues.
  Corporate Accounts
Providing short-term and long-term rental solutions in addition to home sales services for the corporate relocation market is critical to increasing your market share of this lucrative market opportunity.
Brokers have access to and control over a large source of quality leads for new recruits. Additional service opportunities generating more revenues will attract higher caliber agents.
  Industry Leadership
Opportunities to provide comprehensive relocation services competitors cannot offer.
Why Us
MYM Solutions's most critical competitive advantages lie in 5 key areas:
  1. Proprietary software, corporate intranet and use of technology.
  2. Marketing and relationship strategies.
  3. Proven operational methods and unique, extensive infrastructure.
  4. Recruiting and training strategies.
  5. Industry knowledge and experience.
We are confident the execution of our programs will generate significant growth and ultimately establish your dominance in any targeted market.
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