Bringing Clients to Your Door  
Renters make up 33% of the total households in America,
20%, or about 7 million, will either purchase or build a home at the end of their lease.
Real Estate Professionals Overview
MYM Solutions is an innovative marketing firm offering unique solutions to Real Estate Professionals and Apartment Locator Services. Our combination of lead generation strategies, marketing solutions, business development tools and personalized assistance and training from experienced experts help Real Estate Companies add significant new revenue opportunities.

Member Programs
We offer Real Estate Companies and professionals three programs to choose from to meet their needs and growth plans. Our members can choose from any or all of these programs.
  Buyer and Seller Referrals
We provide you with a guaranteed, consistent and reliable source of exclusive motivated home buyers and sellers on a monthly basis. If we don’t deliver you don’t pay.
  Turn Renters in Buyers
Stop losing clients! Refer prospects who want to rent now and they'll stay your client when they buy later. Our program works like a personal assistant to help you build relationships with hundreds of prospects at a time, creating a valuable pipeline of future business transactions.
  Rental Solutions
Your Real Estate Company can provide comprehensive rental and apartment services under your brand or company umbrella. We provide complete "Plug & Play" solutions which can be implemented based on market need to begin offering this service to your clients.
Primary Objectives
For each of our programs our primary purpose is to provide our member Real Estate Companies with hundreds of qualified potential clients and help them turn them into successful home buyers and sellers. Our unique strategies and solutions are focused around controlling largely untapped sources of clients and providing systems and tools to effectively service those clients. Our key contracted sources include:
  Highly Trafficked Web sites Including National Accounts
  Corporate Accounts
  Movers and Employment Agencies
  Corporate Housing Providers
  Apartment Locator Services
  Relocation Companies
  Apartment Management Companies
The increased client sources, enhanced services and business development tools we supply are all leveraged to provide the Real Estate Company greater control over the traffic generated and creates competitive advantages for capturing accounts, increasing the lifespan of a client and recruiting agents.

Key Advantages
We offer key advantages over other marketing firms and advertising options including:
  We offer programs to Real Estate Companies at performance based fees. If we don't produce, you don't pay!
  We provide a guaranteed number of exclusive leads every month.
  Lead Screening - MYM Solutions attempts to contact each lead to verify contact information and established pre-qualifying criteria. Only the quality leads that remain are sent to members.
  Exclusive territories and rights to use all solutions provided.
  Proven marketing, prospect management, training and coaching services to help create strong prospect relationships and convert a higher percentage into successful rentals.
  We provide each Member Company with a private control panel to manage your clients and online business.
  Personalized assistance with key aspects of your business from experienced professionals.
  The opportunity to substantially increase your income fast.
Phased Implementation
The solutions we provide are be implemented in phases to ensure their success. Each phase has a few key initiatives which we focus on accomplishing. Only after the initiatives in that phase are running smoothly and the benchmarks are achieved do we move on to initiatives in the next phase. The phases include:
  Phase 1: Integration
We will work with key staff members from the Member Real Estate Company to understand the services current processes for assisting clients. We then introduce solutions and assist in the integration into the Company's operations.
  Phase 2: Implementation
The Implementation Phase is used to refine the processes and solutions offered and focus on training agents.
  Phase 3: Execution
The focus here is on maximizing the closed transactions and cash flow generated from the current initiatives.
  Phase 4: Expansion
Once the lead generation and management solutions are performing well, we look at additional revenue and growth opportunities for the Real Estate Company. This might include offering enhanced services or increasing marketing initiatives.
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