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  33% of US households rent and over 50% of rental units become vacant each year. 20% of renters will purchase a home at the end of their lease.  
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  74% of homebuyers begin their home search online. 57% select the first agent they visit.  
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Monopolizing Your Market
Changing Industries
Our primary purpose is to change the impact and future of any Real Estate Brokerage or Apartment Locating Service by controlling the sources of new client traffic. The Real Estate and Apartment Locator industries are undergoing massive changes for a myriad of reasons. There are professional news articles, industry announcements, and corporate declarations occurring constantly, with desperate measures being taken to respond to these changes. Many companies recognize there is a major evolution occurring in their industry, but few can truly effect their successful transition into these new times.

Dependent on Agents for Traffic Sources
In traditional real estate and apartment locator companies, brokers focus on finding and keeping top quality agents. Those with an impressive circle of influence, proven track record, and good customer service practices are clearly the most coveted. Brokers depend on these agents for the success of their firms and support them as best they can. Agents are often the single largest source of leads for the Broker, and if an agent leaves the company, their client traffic typically leaves with them. It doesn’t matter that the broker gave the agent high commissions, the best office furniture, his or her own office, or paid for an assistant: when the agent leaves, so does the lifeblood of the office.

Controlling Sources of Traffic
Controlling client traffic sources is the critical issue. This is best accomplished by utilizing technology, relationships, and capital to control the most lucrative sources of traffic. By incorporating some of the strategies used by Corporate Relocation Companies and combining it with Rental and Internet solutions, a paradigm shift will occur. Brokers, owners, or the parent companies will utilize their own resources to control, sustain, and grow the traffic to their offices. The power to affect the success of the firm and its growth potential will now be in the company's hands. The negative impact that the departure of an agent previously had on the office is minimized. Instead of having to aggressively recruit top talent in a market, top agents will seek the offices that can bring quality leads to them. Solid, consistent market penetration leads to the eventual monopolization of any market. Incorporating standard operating methods and quality performance procedures into the mix further fortifies the effort. By controlling traffic sources and methods by which the traffic is monitored, Brokers and owners will have, possibly for the first time, the tools they need to closely monitor agent levels of competence and service quality.

Competitive Advantage
The complexion of a company's market will completely change through the implementation of the comprehensive initiatives we offer. Traditional, “industry-standard” methods are outdated and bound for failure if they compete with a "new" way of conducting real estate and apartment locating business. Controlling traffic, adding value, and ensuring quality performance are the keys to future success.
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