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Apartment Locator Overview
MYM Solutions is an innovative marketing firm offering unique solutions to Locator Services and Real Estate Professionals. Our combination of lead generation strategies, marketing solutions, business development tools, and personalized assistance and training by experienced industry experts help Locator Services significantly grow their business.

Primary Objectives
Our primary purpose is to provide our member Locating Services with hundreds of qualified potential clients to produce successful rentals. Our unique strategies and solutions focus on controlling largely untapped sources of clients and providing systems and tools to effectively service those clients. Our key contracted sources include:
  Highly Trafficked Websites Including National Accounts
  Corporate Accounts
  Movers and Employment Agencies
  Corporate Housing Providers
  Real Estate Companies and Professionals
  Relocation Companies
  Apartment Management Companies
The increased client sources, enhanced services, and business development tools we supply are leveraged to provide the Locator Service with additional competitive advantages: marketing cost-effectively, capturing accounts, and increasing the lifespan of client and recruiting agent relationships.

Key Advantages
We offer key advantages over other marketing firms and advertising options including:
  Our services and solutions are offered to Locator Services at performance based fees. If we don't produce, you don't pay!
  We provide a guaranteed number of exclusive leads every month.
  Lead pre-qualification: leads can be pre-qualified and validated based on your criteria.
  Exclusive territories and rights to use all solutions provided.
  Proven marketing, prospect management, training, and coaching services to help create strong prospect relationships and increase successful rental conversions.
  Personalized assistance with key aspects of your business from experienced professionals.
  The opportunity to substantially increase your
Phased Implementation
The solutions we provide are implemented in phases to ensure success. Each phase has key initiatives which we focus on accomplishing. Only after initiatives in that phase are complete and benchmarks are achieved do we move on to the initiatives in the next phase. The phases include:
  Phase 1: Integration
We work with key staff members from the Member Locator Services to understand the current service processes for assisting clients. We then introduce solutions and assist in their integration into the Locator’s operations.
  Phase 2: Implementation
The Implementation Phase is used to refine the processes and solutions offered and focus on effectively training agents.
  Phase 3: Execution
We focus on maximizing the closed transactions and cash flow generated from current initiatives.
  Phase 4: Expansion
Once the lead generation and management solutions hit targeted levels, we determine additional revenue and growth opportunities for the Locator Service. These often include offering enhanced services or increasing marketing initiatives.
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