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Pricing Guidelines
Locator Pricing
When you join MYM Solutions you get personalized assistance to help you grow your business. We offer Membership on an exclusive basis for each territory. That means there will only be one Locator Service and one Real Estate company in each market we service. There is no Membership fee to join; however, members are required to sign a 6 or a 12 month membership contract. Our services are offered on a per-lead or per-transaction basis, so there are no costs to you unless we produce results. Our Membership Resource Center is provided free to all members.

Market Size
Rates below are differentiated on the basis of market population. The "Small Market" rate is intended for markets with a population below 150,000. The "Large Market" rates below are intended for larger markets with a population above 150,000. The reason large markets are more expensive is because competition in those markets is greater and our advertising expense is greater.

Locator Service Pricing
Below are the prices for our Member Locator Services:
  Market Size Monthly Rates 6 Month Contract 12 Month Contract
  Small Market $0.00 $5.00 per lead $4.00 per lead
  Large Market $0.00 $5.50 per lead $4.50 per lead
To see a list of the services included in the above prices click here.

Additional Services
In addition to the services we include in our membership, we offer additional services which can be contracted individually. These services are priced on a per project basis. To learn more about our additional services click here.
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