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MYM Solutions, Inc.
MYM Solutions is a leading marketing partner for Apartment Locator and Real Estate professionals. We offer companies the ability to leverage nationwide resources to gain significant local market share through both online and offline marketing venues.

Founded by experienced operators of Apartment Locating Services, MYM Solutions combines the efficiency of internet technology with the one-to-one professional contact that is the hallmark of our industry. Our suite of products and services allows Locator and Real Estate professionals to maximize the potential of online marketing without impacting their business of helping clients find their ideal home or apartment.

Our testing, experience, tools, and systems allows any Locator or Real Estate professional to significantly increase their income while reducing their marketing workload. MYM Programs are based on a mix of new technology, comprehensive search engine advertising, national service contracts, and good old-fashioned organizational tools.

Route 121
Our relocation portal, Route121.com, is now the exclusive Apartment Locating content provider to a network of nationally affiliated apartment and moving related websites. Route 121 is a dedicated team of real estate and rental property experts with in-depth knowledge of the local market. We provide free professional, one-on-one service to home buyers and apartment seekers.

The Opportunities
Steve and Barbara Oehlerking founded Apartment Hunters in 1988, providing rental services in Gainesville, Orlando, and Tampa, Florida. Apartment Hunters is a leader in the Apartment Locator industry, generating over 10,000 new clients per month. In 2000, Steve and Barbara expanded their company to provide additional client services...most importantly finding ways to convert renters into buyers. Because 33% of US households are renters, and over 50% of rental units become vacant each year, they realized one of the biggest opportunities for a Real Estate company was to gain access to the 20% of renters who will purchase a home at the end of their lease.

The results of these efforts are powerful tools and strategies that allow a company to monopolize their market by tying up major client traffic sources and provide comprehensive solutions for all aspects of relocation. MYM Solutions has expanded those tools and strategies and are now offer these solutions on a market-exclusive basis to other Real Estate companies and Locator Services.
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